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MOT London

Chigwell Motor works are providing you with the efficient and proficient services of Mot London. Our experienced technicians are always ready you to help you by providing excellent MOT services to keep your vehicles in good conditions. We understand that cars are the big investment of life and missing MOT services may lead to severe situations.

Our expert mechanics gives you the confidence that you can easily rely on us, as we provide you with the best and efficient MOT services. Our experts properly inspect your car's damages which give you a safe drive on roads and prevent your vehicles from potentially dangerous conditions. We also check hoses, belts, anti-freeze, tyres and even wipers to increase your automobile lifespan. While our MOT tests we also check other vehicle components to meet the legal regulations.
Our experts always recommend professional car services which help you frequently check on your fuel, oil, light and so on. Our Most services include various tests to show how roadworthy your car is. Our professional car services give you the best chance to save your money and reduce the hassle- of a retest. Furthermore, our efficient technicians always keep aware our car owners about the conditions of their cars. To keep your vehicles well-maintained avail our steadfast services of MOT in London.

What is included in our MOT services?

  • Complete statutory test
  • Notification and certification of the test
  • Proper technical inspections
  • Determine the issues/problems
  • Reduce paperwork stress

MOT London

Our MOT test:

If your cars are three years old, so every year you need to put it through MOT test. Our specialists provide you recovery, breakdown and maintenance services. We also offer you regular maintenance services to prevent your cars from various issues. Cars without having any problems easily pass our MOT test. When your vehicles pass our MOT test, we provide our car owners with the certificate. In case your vehicles fail to pass MOT examination, we make a record sheet in which we mentioned all the details of faults and repair the damages. Also, we inspect your cars thoroughly which helps us identify every minor problem of your cars from inside out. Following are our MOT services test cover a wide range of essential components of vehicles, including;

  • Suspension and Steering
  • Emission of exhaust and fuel system
  • Wipers, widescreen and washer bottle
  • Seatbelt, seats and hoses
  • Vehicle bodywork condition
  • A condition of brakes, wheels and tyres
  • Replace fuse bulbs
  • Light setting

Gives guarantee of work:

Chigwell Motor Works gives you supreme quality services and ever compromises on the quality of excellence. We offer you the confidence that your investment money gets never wasted. Our quick and efficient car services can save an enormous amount of effort and times. Furthermore, we complete the repairing and recovery task within a short period. Well-maintained cars give you and other protection and security on roads. We also offer superior level automobile and bodywork services to our valuable clients. Moreover, we fulfil our commits to get the job done right on time.

Advantages of our MOT services:

Following are the significant advantages of our proficient services of MOT in London, including;

MOT London
Enhance resale value:

Our experts provide you with all type of services according to your vehicles requirements. We also offer you regular car maintaining services which also helps you in keeping your car history updated timely. These evidence increases the resale value of your automobile and also attract the buyers so they can happily pay a reasonable price for such a well-maintained car.

Improved safety:

We also provide you with the best services of MOT London to which timely inspect your car's problems. We highlight all the issues of your vehicles to offer you with peace of mind that your automobiles are protected and safe. We trusted that better you take care of your car the more it will last. Our services keep you vehicles well-maintained for a long time so you can easily enjoy trouble and hassle-free driving.


Additionally, our experienced technicians even inspect the minor problems so that they may not get bigger and costly in the long run. Avoiding such services may lead to severe circumstances such as accidents. We provide you timely, professional and reliable services so you can safely drive your cars on roads. During car services, our experts change the oil and air filters to make your automobiles more fuel efficient.

Interim services:

Our experts provide you temporary services which help you in maintaining your vehicle performance and efficiency. We properly inspect the damages and repair it to keep maintain your car functionality. Our professional mechanics reduces the repair stress by recovering all your automobile damages and give you peace of mind. Our Interim services are best for those vehicles which cover the high range of mileage approximately 6,000 - 8,000 miles every year. We provide you with the best services which suit your vehicle requirements. We understand that every automobile is different from another, that’s why we provide you budget-friendly servicing according to your needs. Moreover, we provide our clients with a proper guideline about what type of services your vehicles may require.

So don’t wait and avail our reliable services of MOT London right now, call us or visit our website.