Chigwell Motor Works

Maintain your cars by hiring professional car service in London

Chigwell motor work is providing you with the best and reliable car services in London. Our expert mechanics are highly qualified and experienced offering you effectual automobile services to fix your cars. We have one-stop automobile repairing garages in which we recover comprehensive range of your damages. We also provide high-quality services you may need to keep your vehicles well-maintained. We have an excellent track record of delivering your cars within the deadline.

We are also trained enough, to do general automobile services including gearbox, engine work and oil change facilities. We carefully examine your vehicles to repair or replace the damaged parts and help you in saving a significant amount of money and efforts, However, our artistry offers you the honest appraisal of work you required.
We understand that commuting from one place to another is the basic need of life. That’s why our professional car repairers help you in maintaining your cars. In case of breakdown, our technicians are fully equipped with vans which help us in collecting out of order cars to our garage. Chigwell motor work is a family business, who is providing you with the effectual services since 2002, and never compromises on the excellence of the work. We offer full recovery, maintenance and care services in Barnet, Potter bar, Chestnut, Harlow, Chigwell and also M25.

Our passionate technicians provide you excellent car services in London, at a competitive price. To get our services to contact us or visit our website. Feel free to ask queries and send us messages via email.

Services we provide:

Following are the services our professionals provide, including;

  • Replacement of tyres and brakes
  • Repairing clutches and exhaust
  • General repairing services
  • Unclog air filters
  • repair air conditions
  • Car diagnostics
  • Breakdown services
Car service in London

Advantages of our car services:

Following are the major advantages of our car services in London, including;

Boost safety:

Our experts provide you with all type of general car services to ensure that our client drives safe. Getting our regular maintaining services helps you in repairing your damages. Our experts also do routine automobile checkups such as checking brakes, air conditions, cabin filters and air pressure. We are always ready to solve all sort of underlying issues which may arise while driving. We are glad to repair your cars and providing you efficient car services to keep our clients safe and secure. However, availing our services is the best option, as you provide you immediate care services in London.


Our experts provide professional and appropriate car maintain service to keep your cars in right conditions. Well-maintained cars increase your vehicle esteem instead the damaged vehicles. Our specialised technicians are glad to provide you proficient car services right on time as opposed to driving possibly perilous autos. To get a better trade-in value to avail the best and efficient car services in London from Chigwell motor work. We take great consideration of your automobiles and fix your car damages to give your vehicles a fresh out of the box new look. Moreover, our expert mechanics profoundly values the estimation of vehicle support.

Car service in London

Fuel economy:

Generally, our reliable car services help you to keep your car's fuel efficient. We understand that unclog air filters negatively affected the efficiency of fuel up to 25%. We unclog your air filter so that your oxygen sensor works correctly. Furthermore, they check the tire pressures so that your car moves smoothly and prevent your vehicles from unnecessary expanding of fuel and energy. We believed that safe driving directly depends on the condition of cars. However, we provide you with well-maintained cars which lessen the risk of accidents. However, our machines vigilantly inspect all the irregularities of cars to keep you and other passengers safe on the road.

Better environment:

Our experts provide you with the most exceptional car services which reduce the emission of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Well-maintained cars and better fuel efficient cars help you in improving your car conditions which also better for the environment. By availing our services, you can without much of a stretch lift your vehicles execution, wellbeing, life expectancy and decrease the expense of support. By giving little consideration regarding your autos time-to-time keep them maintained and precise.

Our general services may include:

Following are the primary public services we offer, whatever the problem is our experts are always ready to give you efficient car services in London, including:

  • Steering and suspensions
  • Brakes
  • Servicing
  • MOB testing
  • Wheel balancing
  • Puncture repairing
  • Minor repairs
  • Catalytic converters

We help you in minimised the maintenance cost:

Our experts always preferred maintenance services from professionals which longer your autos life expectancy. We rectified and analysed every automobile problem on time which lessens your stress and gives you peace of mind. Additionally, running of low fuel, treading tire and no coolant increases the maintenance cost. Our professional replaces every damaged part with the new one to enhance your car's functionality. Our experts provide you with the best car services in London that suits your vehicle needs. While repairing or recovery we also look at car history which gives us every detail that how many times your car undergoes the repairing process.