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 Body Work in London

Maintain your vehicles exteriors by availing our professional body work services in London

Body work in London:

Chigwell Motor Works gives you the best and reliable services of body work in London. Our professional and experienced mechanics offer you a comprehensive range of body and paint services to keep your vehicles well-maintained. Whether it’s a dent repair, bumper repair or collision damages, our experts fix all your problems which give a smooth and safe drive on roads.
If you have a busy schedule of life and can get extra time to look after your vehicle then our company is the right choice for you. Our company provides you vehicle’s denting and repairing services at all time. Our company provides you mechanics on just one phone call. Our mechanics approach to your door steps taking away all your worries regarding your vehicle and giving a relax moment regarding your vehicle.
Chigwell motor works provides you professional auto mechanics asses your car and if that problem can be resolved at your place; they will finish their work with your vehicle at the spot. If the problem of denting or repairing is large then our mechanics take your vehicle to the workshop to avoid inconveniency. Our professional technicians provide you most excellent services of body work in London at a competitive price.

 Body Work in London

Unidentified Problems:

Our company helps in working with your insurance agent. Your insurance agent might over look some problems or some problems may remain unidentified before the agent provides you an estimate for auto repairing. Our mechanics are professional and with their expertise they detect every problem and provide your insurance agent or company the additional detected problems to be covered.

Metallic Corrosion:

Usually damaged body of car is not being maintained specially the collision repair. It is sometimes get neglected but it causes major problems as the time passes by. The collided part if it is left unattended the major damage causes is rusting of that part. Our company takes seriously this problem of corrosion to save the frame of the car and other functions of the vehicle.

Vehicle Worth:

Our company helps you maintain the value of your car by keeping it maintained properly. Our company prefers to do collision repair immediately. Whatever is the age of your vehicle; if the accidental problems are not managed properly? It definitely reduces the car value and worth. The outer look and the internal problems we prefer to be done in time and professionally. So in future you will not face any problem in selling your vehicle or getting a low price to dishearten you. In second hand vehicle market the car is mostly preferred by the buyer which is properly maintained and has been repaired and dent being removed paint less. Our company professional team members prefer PDR (Paint less Dent Repair).

 Body Work in London
Paint less Dent Repairing (PDR) Benefits

Chigwell Motor works experts prefer PDR services for Body work in London. PDR is the process in which the original condition of the vehicle is maintained. Dents of the car are removed quickly and it is not expansive either. The auto industry highly appreciates this mechanism in order to maintain the originality of the car. Following are some of the benefits of our proficient services of Body work in London, including;

Less Amount of Work:

There are several types of body repairing of a car but PDR reduces the quantity of work. Our company experts use special tools to remove the dent from the vehicle’s body by pushing it from interior end. This doesn’t involve the hassle of grinding, buffing, waxing and drying.

Fast Repairing:

Our Professional machanics prefers this method of PDR because it is less time taking and repairs your vehicle fast. It is far more effective and less time taking than the traditional repairing. PDR works from minutes to an hour depending on the dents on the body. If damage is being caused by Mother Nature then it takes few hours work through PDR. Traditional dent repairing may take weeks but PDR takes days and days work in hours. Availing our professional services of Body work in London, helps you to keep your vehicles in good condition.

Better Quality:

Our company adopting of PDR procedure gives the best quality in retaining the car’s original paint. PDR gives the better quality in repairing than traditional repairing. Sometimes traditional repairing causes discoloration and deterioration if filling materials are not properly applied or get dislodged.

 Body Work in London
Low Costing:

PDR is less costing as compare to the traditional repairing. The hassle of paint and finish is reduced by adopting PDR process. Monetary benefit is important while getting your car repaired. Especially hail damaged repairs require special techniques which our company prefer to get it removed through PDR.

Approved Method:

PDR and traditional repairing are always in limelight in comparison. But over 60 years PDR methods are being adopt by the auto industry because it gives a proper finish to the body of the car and it reduces the time frame of repairing and it is less costly compare to the traditional repairing. The procedure of PDR adopted by our company is an approved method and most preferable method by the auto industry also.
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